Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Israeli Arabs killing each other. So guess who's to blame?

Al Arabiya reports that violence and crime is increasing among Israeli Arabs.

A recent report shows that although Arabs are 20% of the population, some 79% of all shooting incidents in Israel are among Arabs, and 60% of the fatalities.

The article quotes an Arab MK that says that while it is true that Arabs do not always want to cooperate with Israeli police to investigate these crimes, the police aren't pushing hard enough. He also accused Israel of freely allowing weapons to proliferate among Arab communities so that they kill each other. (He said they do the same with drugs.)

Yeah, Israeli Jews want to arm Arabs. Makes perfect sense.

And since the Arabs have such easy access to weapons, they are likely to use them for things like family disputes, the MK continues.

Sheikh Marwan Jabara says that while some of the responsibility does rest with the Arabs themselves, most of the responsibility is the Israelis' (meaning, of course, Jews) because it is their policies that make Arab lives so miserable that they find themselves wanting to kill each other.