Friday, June 10, 2011

Grad missiles being smuggled from Libya to Gaza

Maariv reports:

While the riots in Libya seem very distant geographically, Jerusalem is now worried about at least one consequence: a new smuggling route through which hundreds of missiles have already entered into the Gaza Strip.

In recent weeks Hamas in the Gaza Strip has been strengthened by hundreds of 120-122 mm Grad missiles with ranges of sixty - seventy miles. These missiles can easily threaten the center of the country.

Also smuggled are shorter range 60 mm rockets, more guns and ammunition. In addition, Israel was information on old anti-tank missiles manufactured by Russia and sold to Libya that have been smuggled out [of Libya], and there is fear that they may be smuggled into Gaza.

The new smuggling route from Libya goes through Egypt, Sinai and from there to channels in Gaza. It is causing Israeli security officials to lose sleep. Egyptians are trying to fight the new phenomenon of [weapons] convoys intercepting them by air. However, many convoys still manage to get to the tunnels.
In the Middle east, there is always a flip-side - even to revolutions against thuggish dictators. The law of unintended consequences is very, very much in force whenever anything major happens.

(h/t Joel)