Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flotidiots already planning rally in New York for any "emergencies"

The people behind the "Audacity of Hope" boat have already set up a Facebook event page anticipating a violent confrontation at sea.
IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: Time still TBD, dates above are *not* definite.

** Depending on the time we hear about the emergency, we have developed the following schedule for everyone to turn out **

If there is an emergency with the U.S. Boat to Gaza and/or the Freedom Flotilla, we call on people of conscience to gather at 47th Street in Times Square.

At 5:00 pm if word goes out before 12 noon.

At 5:00 pm the next day if word goes out after 12 noon.

At 1:00 pm on Saturday if word goes out after noon on Friday or in the morning of Saturday.

At 1:00 pm on Sunday if word goes out after noon on Saturday or in the morning of Sunday.

From Times Square, we will march to the Israeli Consulate at 42nd Street and Second Avenue. Depending on particular events, we may make stops at consulates or UN missions of other countries involved in the flotilla, as well as the offices of our congressional representatives and theU.S. State Department.
Anticipating violence - or planning to provoke it?