Sunday, June 26, 2011

Controversy over whether Muslim devils have sex with human women

The Arabic press had a number of stories over the weekend about whether it is possible for "jinn" (Muslim devils) can have sex with human women, and if so, if it breaks her hymen and if she can become pregnant.

The main one being copied seems to have come from the Elaph site. It first quotes an Islamic scholar as saying that such an event is impossible.

Some professional exorcists, however, disagree and claim to have evidence of such couplings. Anecdotal evidence is given from comments to a similar article in Saudi Arabia's Okaz where a story is told of a jinn fetus that was, thank Allah, aborted.

Some women are so attached to their jinns that they refuse to marry.

The auto-translation is difficult to interpret, so there might be some more interesting anecdotes.