Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are these Israeli weapons? (updated)

Yesterday I mentioned that Egyptian authorities claimed to have busted a Palestinian Arab arms smuggling ring, and that they captured a quantity of Israeli and American weapons.

Here's a video of the event, from Al Masry al Youm, and the weapons can be found starting at 0:47. Could someone identify the types of weapons here?


UPDATE: The consensus is represented by this comment by Jonathan:

This *is* too funny. You couldn't identify most of these firearms as most of those were self-manufactured by the swell lads here, using parts from other firearms. For example, Uzi was never manufactured with front-mounted grip, yet you could see a [weird] one on the Uzi located at the far right on the table. The third from the left seems to be based on a shortened version of Beretta M12. The fact that the rear grip is made of wood and is clearly out of place there suggests that the M12 was shortened by the Palestinians themselves.
This is not a major weapons cache and Egypt is exaggerating the importance of this find. Hamas gets much better weapons than this, and in much higher quantity.