Friday, June 10, 2011

Al Qaeda gives props to Hamas for Bin Laden eulogy

A couple of weeks ago, AP published an absurd "fact check" about Netanyahu's speech to Congress which wasn't a fact-check at all but instead a reason to push an anti-Israel narrative.  Here is an example of one of the AP's supposed "facts":

NETANYAHU: "Israel will not negotiate with a Palestinian government backed by the Palestinian version of al-Qaida."
THE FACTS: While Hamas and al-Qaida have killed hundreds of people in religious holy wars, they have no connection, and Hamas has in fact come under criticism from the global terror network for being too moderate. Al-Qaida preaches global jihad. Hamas says its struggle is solely against Israel, not the West at large. In its Gaza stronghold, Hamas has violently clashed with smaller armed groups that claim inspiration from al-Qaida.

Obviously, the "facts" do not contradict what Bibi said - that Hamas is the Palestinian Arab version of al-Qaeda, an organization that routinely targets civilians in order to achieve political goals and whose ultimate goal is a worldwide Muslim nation.

A little more proof that Bibi is right and AP is wrong can be found today.

Hamas newspaper Palestine Times proudly posts a snippet of the latest video by al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

In this video, Zawahiri praises Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh for giving a nice eulogy for Osama Bin Laden.

Of course, if you use AP as your source for "news," you would know that al-Qaeda criticizes Hamas, and never praises it. Similarly, AP will not report this little piece of news.