Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Afternoon linkdump

NGOs are just as corrupt in Cambodia as in the Palestinian Arab territories.

Video of Syria shooting villagers trying to flee to Turkey.

Germany's Left party facing charges of anti-semitism

"Third Intifada" iPad app

Robin Shepherd on a theme I explored earlier today

Reports that extremist groups in Lebanon are planning Katyusha attacks on Israel to drag Lebanon into a war now that there is a new Hezbollah government.

The Love Boat from Iran

Ingrid and Jorgen go to Gaza

CiFWatch: Flotilla, staying pointless

O/T: Graffiti from Pompeii

Daniel Pipes on the JNF

Inciting in plain sight in Bethlehem

Israel approves building materials for 2 housing projects in southern Gaza

(h/t Zach N., Joel, Silke, Honest Reporting, Israel Matzav, Iowahawk, CHA)