Friday, May 06, 2011

Weekend links

OK, time to post all the stuff that's been accumulating...

Melanie Philips' open letter to David Cameron

CiFWatch: Cowardly in Qatar (I had hoped to blog about this from the perspective of how the Guardian lied about the Palestine Papers, but didn't have time)

Ahmadinejad allies charged with - sorcery!

Just Journalism on media responses to praise for OBL

Mallorca condemns the killing of Marranos - in 1691.

Washington Institute on the Muslim Brotherhood

Did Mosab Youssef, the Hamas "defector" who converted to Christianity, dupe all of us?

Corrupting sports in Gaza

The Tony Kushner saga here and here.

Hypocrisy in Norway on Yassin and OBL

Intel Israel will manufacture the latest high-speed microprocessor that BDS opponents will not boycott

Daphne Anson on Norway's attempt to ban Brit Milah (if I translate it, all the anti-brit Googlers will descend here and take over the comment section.) Suffice it to say that they still aren't interested in banning child ear mutilation - because making a baby look cute with earrings is more important than a major religious obligation.

(h/t O., Joel, Silke, Zvi, and others I missed, sorry)