Monday, May 16, 2011

Vote in the semi-finals of the Pro-Israel Blog Off!

I have made it to the semi-finals of the Pro-Israel Blog Off, and this round I am up against the great  CiFWatch.

My submitted post is my "This Is Zionism" series of posters. CiFWatch has an excellent post from February called "On Non-Israeli Privilege."

In the first two rounds, I actually lost the popular vote but won on the judges' votes. If you like my post, please consider voting for it.

By the way, even though the rules allow us to submit any post created since the beginning of the competition in December, I have been only submitting posts created within a week or two of each round. Just a personal challenge, as well as not wanting to go through hundreds of old posts....

And should I win this round, I am thinking about a post that I could create for the finals that would blow you away. But you can't see it unless I win this round!

How's that for incentive to vote?