Sunday, May 15, 2011

Video: Veiled woman describes being raped by Syrian forces

This video is being circulated by Syrian activists. It was uploaded to YouTube on May 12:

The woman in the video calls herself "Mother of Abdullah." She is holding a Koran to emphasize that her words are true. According to the video, she is a widow who went to attend a funeral of her cousin in Syria. She heard gunshots and ran to her house for cover, locking herself and her son in a room.

After a few minutes she heard a door open and she thought it was her parents. Instead, it was five Syrian security officers, dressed in black. They asked if there were any weapons in the home, and searched the house without finding any.

Then, according to the video, they took off her veil and clothes and took turns raping her, threatening to slaughter her son if she screamed.