Sunday, May 15, 2011

This photo says it all

An Israeli soldier fires tear gas canisters during clashes with Palestinian stone throwers at the Israeli manned Qalandia checkpoint between Jerusalem and and the West Bank city if Ramallah
The two mothers have no problem walking with their children right next to the armed, supposedly genocidal Israel soldiers.

Aren't they afraid that the soldiers will turn around and shoot them? After all, isn't that what IDF soldiers do? Isn't that what Goldstone and his cohorts accused Israel of? Isn't that what HRW routinely says Israel is guilty of? Don't they know that IDF soldiers wantonly and maliciously target and shoot civilians even when there is zero military reason to do so? Haven't they seen the lists of women and children killed by the IDF circulated by PCHR?

Or do they know something that the "experts" at the human rights organizations don't?