Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Palestinian Arab terror convention in Cairo

Right now, in Cairo, pretty much every Palestinian Arab terror group is meeting to sign the short unification document between Hamas and Fatah.

There are lots of Hamas leaders from both Gaza and elsewhere, including Khaled Meshaa, Mahmoud Zahar, Khalil al-Hayya, Izzat al-Rishq, Mohamed Nasr, Osama Hamdan, and Abu Marzook.

But also leaders of Islamic Jihad (Ramadan Shallah), the PFLP-GC (Ahmad Jibril), the DFLP (Khaled Atta), the Popular Front (Khaled Atta,) the Palestine People's Party, the Palestine Popular Struggle Front, and several more.

In addition, other political leaders like Mustafa Barghouti and Munib al-Masri are there.

And the Fatah delegation just arrived as well, including Mahmoud Abbas.

Every group listed here has a history of involvement with terror. Some 13 groups signed the reconciliation letter, I cannot find a comprehensive list.

Many people in the room mourned the death of Bin Laden.

Early reports are saying that Catherine Ashton and Ban Ki Moon might attend the ceremony tomorrow.

These observers are apparently celebrating the biggest gathering of Palestinian Arab terrorists in years.

There is one person who is notably absent, however. The only semi-moderate Palestinian Arab leader in history, the only one who has had no involvement in terrorism, Salam Fayyad is in Ramallah.

The terrorist crowd, however, intends to gain recognition for their fake state from France, the UK, the rest of the EU and the entire world. Their refusal to negotiate with Israel and their refusal to compromise is being rewarded in spades.

And the world seems to be buying into the idea that such a state is a good thing.

The state that these people support would have a single purpose: to eliminate the Jewish state. It will not accept millions of "refugees." It will not negotiate with Israel over water or Gilad Shalit. It will throw away every agreement ever made.

How can such a state make the world a better place? What problems will it solve? Who will be better off after it is created? Why, in any universe, is a state run by these people the least bit desirable?

And why is there zero criticism of this insane, hateful, terrorist initiative from any Western countries?