Monday, May 02, 2011

Officials downplay anti-semitic attack in Rochester

From WHEC, Rochester NY:

Brighton police are calling it a young person's prank in poor taste.

Officers say two young men soaked toilet paper in gasoline and lit it on fire in the middle of the street--in the shape of a swastika.

It happened just after 11 o’clock Saturday night in front of 30 Edgemere Drive. That's in between Southern Parkway and Eastland Avenue.

Police are not calling this a hate crime, but say two 17-year-old boys were apprehended last night and charged with aggravated harassment and arson. Their names are not being released at this time, as police believe they will be charged as youthful offenders. We do know that one young man is from Rochester, the other from Rush.

Investigators do not think the crime was directly targeting any person in the area.

Brighton residents we spoke to today commented on the timing of the crime occurring on the day of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Brighton Police say that based on their investigation, they have no information that makes them believe the crime was committed because of today's commemoration.
Callie (h/t) tells me that this was in a mostly Orthodox Jewish neighborhood and across from a synagogue.

But I'm sure that this was just a coincidence that the "prank" occurred in a religious Jewish neighborhood.