Thursday, May 12, 2011

NYT political correctness in NYC terror arrest

Here's how the New York Times reported the arrest of two men who allegedly planned terror attacks against area synagogues:
Two men who the authorities said intended to carry out a terrorist attack in New York City were arrested late Wednesday, two law enforcement officials said with knowledge of the matter.

The two men had sought to purchase hand grenades and guns, and they were arrested after what one law enforcement official described as a sting operation, saying that their aims appeared “aspirational.” A person briefed on the matter said the men had discussed attacking a synagogue although they did not appear to have a particular one in mind.

The identities of the men were not released but another official characterized the suspects as “homegrown” and another said one of the young men was of Moroccan descent. The person briefed on the matter said the other was of North African descent. The case was being prosecuted by the Manhattan district attorney’s office, and law enforcement officials said the men were expected to be charged under New York State’s terrorism law.
Here's how ABC News reported the same story:
Two men allegedly trying to buy weapons including three pistols and hand grenades as part of a plot to attack Manhattan synagogues were arrested in New York City, averting a terror threat, law enforcement sources said.

The two men, at least one of whom was a Muslim of North African descent, had already obtained some guns and were trying to buy more, as well as a grenade, law enforcement officials said.

Their attempts were detected by investigators with the NYPD's Intelligence Division, who moved in to set up a sting.

One of the men, in his 20s, lives in Queens, N.Y. That man was allegedly going to sell drugs to buy the guns. He has prior arrests, including for drug possession. He said he was drug dealing for jihad, sources said.

The drug dealing suspect became more and more verbal about jihad as his interactions with an undercover police officer continued. Police considered just taking him under drug laws, but felt they finally had enough to make the arrest under state anti-terror statutes, law enforcement sources said.
From a pure news perspective, does the fact that at least one of the men is Muslim and talked about "jihad" a relevant detail, or is it a manifestation of Islamophobia?

I don't think there is even a question.

Which means that America's most influential newspaper decides that it will withhold important details about a news story to pander to political correctness.