Monday, May 02, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood condemns killing of Bin Laden

From Hamas' Palestine Times newspaper. See how many contradictions you can find.

The Muslim Brotherhood described Osama bin Laden as a 'Sheikh' and condemned the method of his assassination. In an official statement, it called on the Western world, peoples and governments to stop linking Islam with terrorism and to correct this erroneous image which has already been deliberately promoted for several years.

The statement stressed that the legitimate resistance against foreign occupation to any country is a legitimate right guaranteed by divine laws and international conventions, and to confuse between legitimate resistance and violence against innocent people was intended by the Zionist enemy in particular.

The Brotherhood called for the United States and NATO and the European Union to quickly declare an end the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and recognize the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and it called on the United States to cease its intelligence operations against the violators, and to desist from interfering in the internal affairs of any Arab or Muslim country.

The Brotherhood said in a statement: "The Muslims especially suffered from a fierce media campaign conflating Islam with terrorism and violence by Muslims, by attributing the 11 September attacks to al Qaeda". The Muslim Brotherhood announced they are against the use of violence in general and against the methods of assassinations and there should be a fair trial for anyone accused of any crime whatsoever.