Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Iran is really paranoid about Jews taking over Azerbaijan

From Times.AM (Armenia):
The Zionist regime aims to strengthen its position in the region and what is why it develops multilateral relations with Azerbaijan, Iranian arannews.ir informs.

“Jews have fulfilled a wide project of the home-building in the center of Baku. And though the newly-built apartments are announced to be sold, they cost so much that nobody will buy them.

So, this process aims 7000 Jewish families to come and live in Baku,” the Iranian source notes.
I found the article in Aram.ir, which emphasizes that Israelis feel close to Azerbaijan. It notes that the Jews want to use this real-estate ploy to drive Muslims out of Baku.

No pretense here of anti-Zionism - they are saying that Jews supposedly buying buildings is a bad thing.

And their graphic shows the object of their fear and hate quite well:

The entire Aran.ir site is obsessed with the idea of Israel taking over Azerbaijan, with articles about a telecommunications deal between the country and Israel, and a quote from a Muslim cleric saying that Muslims will not stand to see Azerbaijan being friendly to Zionists.

Not only that, but here is an article saying that since Jews are really Khazars, they have a special affinity to many former Soviet regions like Georgia. They Iranians obsessively count how many Jews live in the region and try to figure out Israel's and Jewish leaders' plans.

Here's how they illustrate that article:

Israel really needs to take advantage of this hilarious Iranian paranoia about being surrounded by evil, scheming Jews.