Monday, May 23, 2011

How to be a media-savvy advocate for Israel (EoZ speech - audio)

I just gave a speech in East Brunswick, NJ, at Middlesex County Torah Links, an adult education program.  The room was full. And only a few of those who attended had ever read my blog!

The topic was "How to be a media-savvy advocate for Israel."

Luckily for you listening, my projector didn't work so there is nothing that you are missing visually. 


You can download the MP3 file of the speech here.

UPDATE: For those who are here for voting in the Pro-Israel Blog Off Finals, the first five minutes or so of the speech are just me introducing myself and saying some of what I've done, to an audience who mostly never heard of me. If you want to jump right into the meat of the talk, skip to the 4:30 mark.