Sunday, May 15, 2011

How many lies can Seattle's Israel haters push in a day?

Anti-Israel activists held a "Nakba Day" today in a square in Seattle. The exhibit included many placards with half-truths and lies.

How many people who are walking along think that the posters they are seeing have willful lies?

Here's one: An "occupation board game" included this scenario:
When was the last time Israel declared a curfew on a Gaza beach? Let alone fired on innocent people from a battleship?

Here they say that Hamas would accept Israel if it ended the "occupation" and withdrew to the 1949 armistice lines.

This is, of course, a baldfaced lie.

Even worse, here was one placard among many:

Only one problem: It never happened. An Israeli student wrote a masters thesis that made claimed a massacre at Tantura and it was found to be fraudulent. 

It doesn't look like too many people actually looked at the exhibit, so chances are that these lies didn't make too much headway. But it is a lot easier to make up lies than it is to debunk them, and there are a lot more haters out there willing to lie than people willing to tell the truth.

The person who sent this to me went there and documented all this while waving a large Israeli flag!