Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Evening Linkfest!

More on luxury cars in Gaza

Spengler: Israel's ascendancy in the Middle East

Not that it needs proving, but Folderol proves that Hamas is not interested in a two-state-solution, definitively.

Oldie but goodie: Video of Netanyahu in 1978 (calling himself Ben Nitay)

Sultan Knish: Three Cheers for Terroristine!

Some analysis of the PLO's options at the UN in September from AP

Toameh: Egypt is run by a military dictatorship

Yaacov Lozowick: The curious case of Beit Safafa

NGOs - including Amnesty and HRW - trying to delegitimize Israel's justice system.

Terrorist Raed Saleh spoke - at Tel Aviv University.

Bank of Israel head worked behind the scenes to get the US to pressure Israel to save Gaza banks.

Free countries again a minority in the UNHRC.

(h/t Diana, guy, O., Ian, Silke, Joel, Mike)