Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Daily Kos diary blames da Jooooooz for owning Congress

A Daily Kos diary says:

The reasons for our current state are many. Try America's growing Christian obsession with Israel's "security."

Try the level of campaign contributions from Jewish sources.

Try American public opinion, in a post-9/11 world, on who should be supported in the Middle East.

Try all of these, if you like.

Regardless of the reasons, the brass tacks comes out the same, every time: Israel's narrative dominates in America, Israel's "interests" (if Netanyahu's position can be articulated as such) dominates in America, Israel's diplomatic stances dominate in America.
Nothing really unexpected or spectacular from the anti-Israel lefties...except for the original title of the post.

It was at first called "The Elders of Zion Crowd is Pointing Our Direction."

Soon afterwards, the writer "Troubadour" thought better of that title and changed it to the only slightly less absurd "U.S. Congress Shows an Unparalleled Lack of Patriotism." You can still see the original title in the URL of the post, and in Google.

Daily Kos is one of the most popular liberal blogs in America.