Thursday, May 26, 2011

Afternoon links - part 2 - plus videos

Barry Rubin - Media gets Netanyahu trip exactly backwards

New poll shows deep American Jewish support for Israel (CAMERA)

AP's "fact check" is more spin than fact (CAMERA)

Just Journalism on the Economist's latest "Global Peace Index" ranking Israel near bottom (I looked at it last year and in 2009)

Iran denies IAEA report that it is working on nuclear weapons

Wiesenthal Center  wants to boycott Swedish handball event

Top Jewish donor says he won't support Obama in 2012

Israeli girls choir performs in Norway. it has Jewish, Muslim and Christian girls in it.

Facebook call to march on Israel's borders June 7

YNet op-ed: Don't expect peace

Richard Kemp video:

Bi-Bi Pro American video that is all over the place:

(h/t Bill, Jack,Dan, Patrick, Challah Hu Akbar)