Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Posters for European train stations

From YNet:

A Swiss court has ordered the state's national train service, the SBB, to allow a pro-Palestinian group to hang anti-Israeli posters in Zurich's central train station, the Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger reported on Tuesday.

The posters appeared to argue against Israel's right to exist. "Sixty-one years of Israel, 61 years of injustice," the sign read.

"A country without a people did not exist in the Middle East for the people without a country," it claimed. "Israel was established with violence on Palestinian land. The injustice demands resistance!"
From what I can tell, these aren't even paid ads - just banners that Israel haters put up.

Here it is (h/t Dicker):

So why can't the Zionists in Switzerland - and elsewhere in Europe - put up some banners that tell the truth? (I'll be happy to translate them to other languages if someone gives me the text.)