Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Good news! Only one third of PalArabs support stabbing babies to death!

A new poll by Hebrew University done together with the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research finds:
63% of the Palestinians oppose and 32% support the attack in the Itamar settlement in the West Bank in which a family of five was murdered.
If that isn't a sign of moderation, I don't know what is!

How wonderful it must feel for Israelis to walk around Arabs, secure in the knowledge that only one out of every three would happily cheer their families being butchered. I mean, if you have to take an Arab cab, odds are a solid 2-1 that the driver does not pray for you and your children to die a horrible death.

This is a positive sign that needs to be publicized. Those Israelis who are skeptical of any real sort of peace agreement must now be able to sleep better at night, knowing that the Arabs who celebrate the heinous slaughtering of babies and toddlers are outnumbered.

And this is after Israel withdrew from Lebanon, Gaza and Area A of the West Bank, and after Israel has been dismantling checkpoints, helping the PA economy, sending tons of humanitarian aid to an enemy entity in Gaza, stopping the physical expansion of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria outside their boundaries for many years, and implementing a 10 month building freeze. Just  imagine how much more peaceful the Palestinian Arabs would be if Israel did more!

As always, this calls for more compromise on Israel's part to reward this great sign of moderation and peacefulness.

We need more optimism in the Middle East. I think this qualifies.

(h/t Dan)