Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Report: Syria importing Hezbollah to quash protests

Israel HaYom (Hebrew) is quoting Syrian opposition groups, saying that Syria is bringing in Hezbollah to help stop the protests spreading throughout the country.

According to the reports, thousands of Hezbollah members have been brought into the epicenter of protests in Daraa, which is now under curfew.

Syria's Al Watan blamed the protests on "Palestinian extremists and members of radical Islamic organizations from the refugee camps in southern Syria."

The Daraa protesters have shattered a statue of former Syrian leader Hafez al-Assad.

There are also reports that the Kurdish minority is starting to protest as well in the northern town of Kamishli.

UPDATE: The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria is supporting the uprising. 

Who wouldn't pay to see the MB fight Hezbollah - for many years? (h/t Silke)