Monday, March 07, 2011

Now Israel is behind the Arab revolutions!

It gets so confusing. The Arab revolutionaries accuse the authoritarian governments of being in Israel's pocket, the governments are accusing the rioters of being Zionists, the liberals accuse Israel of not being supportive of these revolutions, others accuse Israel of sending mercenaries to fight the rebels.

It's time to get some clarity.

So here is Hesham Tillawi, an American of Palestinian Arab origin and host of a Muslim TV show called "Current Issues," being interviewed by Iran's PressTV:

The real problem is in the West Bank. The real problem is where Israel is building the settlements. By the time all this chaos in the Middle East settles down, which might take about five or ten years before the dusts settles down. Israel will have the whole of Palestine. Israel will have 1.5mn settlers in the West Bank. This is where the problem is. This is what all this distraction is. And is it worth it for Israel? Yes it worth it for Israel to have this chaos. It's not that they don't talk about it. They talked about it. They have a huge plan. These are people who have been under oppression and have been under these regimes for many years. The Arab world is waiting for a huge revolution.

But what are the aims of these revolutionaries in the streets? Is there a total liberation program with all these revolutions? I have not heard one. So who is going to benefit out of these revolutions? The only one that will benefit out of these revolutions is Israel. They will have the whole of the West Bank with another million settlers in the West Bank. In my opinion that is where we need to look at. If these powers can stop Muammar Gaddafi and say he is a war criminal and he's killing his people, just look what Israel did today. Isn't building settlements in the West Bank illegal under the international law? Yes it is. But we don't see anyone talking about it. We see them talking about this. Of course what Muammar Gaddafi is doing is definitely illegal under international law. But let us not take our eyes off of what Israel is doing, and Israel is choosing this timing when the world is looking the other way to basically do what it needs to do.

When the Arab revolution part I stopped, and they woke up to see what was really happening Israel was on the map. Israel was not on the map before. When this dusts settles, the West Bank which is supposed to be part of the Palestinian state, will be on the map of Israel. This is what the whole story is. You have to look at all the players and see what they will get out of it.
So now you know that Israel was behind the Tunisian guy who set himself on fire and with all the Tahrir Square protesters. It's all so clear, as long as you listen to this guy in Louisiana who got his doctoral degree in international relations from world-renowned Bernelli University in St. Kitts.

Take that, Roger Cohen!

Then again, a leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is more aligned with Cohen:
I say to every Muslim, Christian, and human being in these places: Protect your unity, your nation, and your honor, and do not let yourselves be humiliated. Get rid of the control of the US and Israel. This is a conspiracy aimed at destroying this region, starting with Afghanistan, and continuing with Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, and so on. Everybody must treat this matter seriously.

We must know who our enemies are and who our friends are, and we must all stand as one against the American-Zionist tyranny, which has penetrated our region and destroyed its foundations.