Thursday, March 10, 2011

Join the Facebook cause for a tenth Intifada!

I am no expert on Facebook, but I set up a new page to make fun of the "new Intifada" pages that are cropping up.

Here is the rationale for the Tenth Intifada page:

Palestinian Arabs have tried to use "resistance" (what the enlightened world calls "terrorism") since the late 19th century to make sure that Palestine is a Jew-free land.

We attacked Jews in 1886 in Petah Tikva. It was glorious!
We attacked Jews in Tiberias in 1901 and 1904. It was fantastic!
We attacked Jews in Jerusalem in 1920. It was phenomenal!
We attacked Jews in Hebron, Jerusalem and Safed in 1929. It was gorgeous!
We attacked Jews continuously from 1936 to 1939. Even though we ended up killing more Arabs than Jews, it was one of the finest chapters in Palestinian history. We attacked Jews in 1947 hours after we rejected a UN resolution that would have given us that state we want so badly. While attacking the Jews then was really great, we call the end of that little episode "the Naqba." We celebrate that every year.
We attacked Jews continuously throughout the 1950s, through our Fedayeen. It was glorious!
We attacked the entire world in the 1970s, but since the target wasn't specifically Jews, we won't call that an intifada. It was really majestic, though.
We attacked Jews in the late 1980s. It was marvelous!
We attacked Jews right after rejecting another plan that would have given us a state. It was epic!

But now, we have Facebook, so we must call for the biggest, best intifada of all: Intifada Number 10!

Because if there is anything we are good at, it is not learning the lessons from the past!
So go ahead and "Like" the page!