Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Islamist IHH swoops into Libya's vacuum

From the IHH website:
The IHH relief teams have been conducting relief works in al Bayda and Benghazi cities of Libya.

The IHH team that managed to enter Libya, which is undergoing riots against Gaddafi, starts urgent relief works right away.

The team visited various hospitals in al Bayda along with a group of 35 medical doctors and distributed medicine. The team also observed the situation about the injured at the hospitals.

Another relief work by IHH Libya team is distributing the food aid packages to the suffering families in al-Bayda city of Libya. Food aid including cheese, floor, canned food, tea, sugar, rice, olive oil, tomato paste and milk, is distributed to 100 families in different neighborhoods of the city al-Bayda. The distribution will be continued to other families.

After al Bayda, the IHH team moved to Benghazi which is where the riots first broke out. The team still conducting relief works in this city.
Another case where the West is caught flatfooted and the Islamists take the first step to gain hearts and minds. Charity is wonderful, but there is a long green string attached.

(h/t Suzanne)