Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hamas attacks journalists. Leftists silent.

Palestine Press Agency quotes an Arab journalist organization, listing 25 journalists who were attacked by Hamas police during the "unity" rallies on March 15th in Gaza.

Some were stabbed, others were beaten, and many had their cameras confiscated.

The Western media has ignored this story. There is nothing about it in the Reporters Without Borders site. Israel's Foreign Press Association did put out a statement.

In a related story, a new AWRAD survey shows that 61% of Gazans believe that they have no freedom of expression (as opposed to 28% of the West Bank Arabs.)

Of course, the far left apologists for Hamas who style themselves as liberals - the Mondoweiss crowd, the Jewish Voice for Peace, Richard Silverstein, Tikkun magazine, George Galloway, Free Gaza - are completely silent on Hamas abuses of freedom of the press and freedom of expression.