Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Evening snippets

Only because I'll have forgotten about these tomorrow...

WSJ's Best of the Web yesterday has good stuff not only about how the current unrest in the Arab world destroys the idea of linkage, but also this gem:

Two Columnists in One!

"Paradoxically, a more democratic Iraq may also be a more repressive one; it may well be that a majority of Iraqis favor more curbs on professional women and on religious minorities. . . . Women did relatively well under Saddam Hussein. . . . Iraq won't follow the theocratic model of Iran, but it could end up as Iran Lite: an Islamic state, but ruled by politicians rather than ayatollahs. I get the sense that's the system many Iraqis seek. . . . We may just have to get used to the idea that we have been midwives to growing Islamic fundamentalism in Iraq."--Nicholas Kristof, New York Times, June 24, 2003

"Is the Arab world unready for freedom? A crude stereotype lingers that some people--Arabs, Chinese and Africans--are incompatible with democracy. . . . This line of thinking seems to me insulting to the unfree world. . . . It's condescending and foolish to suggest that people dying for democracy aren't ready for it."--Kristof, Times, Feb. 27, 2011
Julian Assange from Wikileaks is sounding a lot like Charlie Sheen in his bizarre, paranoid rants:
A report published by a British magazine on Tuesday said the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, suggested that British journalists, including the editor of The Guardian, were engaged in a Jewish-led conspiracy to smear his organization.
Yup, the Guardian is my number one source for Jewish conspiracies. Oh, wait....

Speaking of Charlie, you have got to take this hilarious Guardian quiz. I did horribly.

One way of fighting "Israel Apartheid Week" is with...Israel Peace Week! Some 50 campuses will be exposed to a positive message about Israel next week.

Speaking of apartheid - the real kind - three African countries are simultaneously releasing stamps honoring 12 Jews who were in the forefront of liberating African nations from apartheid and racism.

Beyond disgusting, the Telegraph finds a video of Afghan children playing an innocent game of suicide bomber:

Finally, Jeffrey Goldberg brings us "Jews! Jews! Jews! Jews! Jews!" But perhaps he is just trying to increase his search results in Google.

(h/t Zach N, Alex, Callie, The Jawa Report, Stan)