Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bomb in Jerusalem, 39 hurt, one confirmed killed (updated)

From JPost:
An explosion took place on or near a bus in central Jerusalem Wednesday afternoon.

Police said that a bomb exploded outside Egged bus number 74 at a station in front of the Jerusalem Conference Center in the center of town.

Reports said that over 30 people were injured in the attack although the exact number was still unknown.

Magen David Adom said that no deaths were reported in the attack.

Police suspected that an explosive device inside a bag was left at the bus stop, which then exploded.
A source tells me that one person was killed, but this is not official by any means.

So far I cannot find anyone claiming credit for the explosion.

Israel Matzav and The Muqata are liveblogging. So is Challah Hu Akbar.

The Muqata has unconfirmed reports of 3 fatalities.

There was also a possible murder of an Israeli in Revava.

UPDATE: One confirmed dead, an elderly lady.