Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Afternoon links

Eli Lake in TNR finds that the US does have a checkered diplomatic history of dealing with Islamists.

Gaddafi calls Qaradawi a "jurisprudent dervish." There's a celebrity death-match I'd love to see.

A Palestinian Arab child dies in Lebanon, because of Lebanese apartheid.

Palestinian TV on how the Jews love money. And grabbing land, of course.

Women might not yet have as many upper-management jobs as men in Israel, but Israel is way ahead of almost every other Western country in that regard.

Apartheid alert: The first female Bedouin in Israel to earn a doctorate.

An op-ed in Asharq Al Awsat looks at the dangers confronting the Arab world. Israel isn't mentioned once.

Israeligirl reminds us that the BDS movement that it is illegal for US companies to boycott friendly countries.

Is it possible for the UN Human Rights Council to be even more of a joke than it already is? Well, yes. Syria is running for a seat.

Now, this is politically incorrect - and funny. From a Carnival parade in Dusseldorf, Germany:


(h/t Nevet, Yerushalimey, Zvi, UN Watch, Serjew. Apologies for the missing hat tips.)