Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where's the BDS movement against the UAE?

Rock band Maroon 5 is returning to Dubai, and they are very excited!
After their first successful 2008 appearance in Dubai, the five piece band Maroon 5 are returning back to Dubai on April to perform at the Dubai World Trade Center, and no one is more excited than frontman Adam Levine.

"Dubai's a wild place; we had a lot of fun the last time round," he told Gulf News exclusively. "It's this multicultural melting pot — there's no other place like it. It's great to be back and we're very excited about the gig."
For some reason there is no boycott movement against the UAE.

The UAE is a country where only Muslims can pray in public or proselytize, where gay rights are non-existent, where women's rights are restricted, where there is no free press, where Palestinian Arabs cannot become citizens, and where there is an entire economy built on abuse of south Asian workers.

So why are no so-called human rights activists asking bands to boycott the UAE?

As far as I can tell, Maroon 5 has never played in Israel, although there are a number of websites begging them to visit. Yet they have no moral qualms about visiting a country that has such huge human rights abuses and restrictions of freedom.

And not one human rights group calls for a boycott of artists from performing in Dubai.