Monday, February 14, 2011

UN sponsors anti-Israel photo exhibit in Madrid

From Iran's PressTV:
A photo exhibition called Broken Lives, Female Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Jails in the Spanish capital city of Madrid has portrayed the suffering of Palestinian women.

“Circulos de Bellas Artes” in collaboration with UN Women, formerly known as the United Nations Development Fund for Women, UNIFEM, inaugurated the World Premier exhibition in the Spanish capital, Madrid, on Sunday, a Press TV correspondent reported.

The exhibition unveils stories of current and former Palestinian female prisoners in Israel's detention and interrogation centers, which every Palestinian knows well.

In the past three years, UNIFEM has received funds from the Spanish government for the implementation of the project aiming to protect the human rights of Palestinian female detainees in Israeli prisons as well as former detainees and their families.

Italian photographer Ventura Formicone portrayed the stories of women through photographs and direct interviews.

The 36 photographs take the visitors through the whole process of violent arrest, interrogation and detention endured by these women.
The article is accurate - the exhibition really is sponsored by UN Women, formerly UNIFEM.

It is a context-free exhibition. Nowhere is there anything mentioned about why these women are in prison, what terror attacks they might have been a part of, or how many people might be dead because of their actions.

UN Women funded a project called "Protection of Palestinian Prisoners and Detainees in Israeli Prisons" which has an outdated webpage. But even on that webpage, it says that the number of Palestinian Arab women in Israeli prisons are a whopping 32. It is apparently associated with Addameer, the organization that routinely hugely exaggerates the number of people Israel has arrested.

This exhibit does not shed any light on the subject; instead it obscures it by implying that Israel wantonly puts women in jail for no reason. The assumption is that every female prisoner is innocent and deprived of her civil rights.

Which means that the UN is again slandering Israel.