Tuesday, February 01, 2011

UFO over the Dome of the Rock? (videos)

Some sites are pointing to videos taken last week of a strange light that appears to hover above Jerusalem, then suddenly come down atop the Dome of the Rock, stay there for a while, and then fly fast back up into the sky.

This one was taken from a distance and shows a flash of light before the light ascends:

This one is close up in the Old City, but I don't see the flash:

And here's a different one from a distance, which shows lights flashing in the sky afterwards (that the first video seems to refer to but is not visible.)

Is this an elaborate hoax? The two videos from a distance have the exact same timing.

The second video looks like it may be a hoax, though. It really does look like a photograph in the background.(h/t Al.)

One thing is certain: whatever it is, it must be Israel's fault.

Coverage here, here and here.