Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tweets on Gaddafi's speech

Here are some of my tweets during Gaddafi's bizarre rant yesterday:
#Gaddafi's internal microchip just rebooted. (During a long pause)

Gaddafi: "I built Benghazi block by block. And now they are destroying it." Awwww.

Nothing says "strong national leader" than screaming like a homeless lunatic from a ruined house.

The transcript from #Gaddafi's speech should be turned into performance art. Better than "Seven Jewish Children."

The Partnership For a Drug-Free America really needs to record #gaddafi's speech and make a PSA out of it.

Did the translator just commit suicide? (during one section where the translation stopped...after about 50 minutes, the translator was indeed replaced, probably because of a nervous breakdown) 
T-shirt: "I survived the first hour of Gaddafi's speech"

And others had some good lines as well:

Inventing a drink. Pour every type of alcohol you own into a glass.. Add bleach. Voilà! Le Gaddafi. Best served in a tent or w/ umbrella.

bloody hell, where's Kanye when you need him?

Gaddafi's cell phone bills must be a nightmare.