Monday, February 28, 2011

Simple proof that J Street is not pro-Israel (UPDATED with poster!)

This past weekend, J Street held a conference. Plenty of  bloggers and others covered the event, and there are some very good articles that discuss exactly how J-Street is not even close to being "pro-Israel."

Here is one simple proof.

Starting next week we will see the annual Israel Apartheid Week at colleges and universities worldwide. Every pro-Israel organization on campus is gearing up to counter the avalanche of anti-Israel vitriol and lies that attack the very legitimacy of the Jewish state.

But at the J Street U site, there is nothing but silence. No pro-Israel programming, no pamphlets to distribute, no flyers or posters to counter the hate. Nothing. (They do have some statements that are against BDS.)

When pressed, J-Street will mouth some words of support for the existence of Israel. But on their own, they do not do anything to actively defend Israel without carefully calibrating the message to equally defend "Palestine."

How can a supposedly pro-Israel organization not lift a finger to defend Israel when it is under the most withering attack?

(For an example of what a pro-Israel campaign looks like, check this out.)

UPDATE: A great poster idea from a a commenter: