Friday, February 04, 2011

A selection of today's analysis about Egypt

David Rieff at TNR on how US aid to Egypt, supposed to promote democracy, utterly failed.

Shmuel Rosner in Slate on Israel's fears. I don't agree with all of it ("Israel can be a spoiled brat") but he makes some thoughtful points.

Charles Krauthammer is great, as usual.

Reports are now surfacing of a massacre of two Coptic Christian families in Egypt last Sunday. No doubt by pro-democracy Muslim Brotherhood activists.

Benny Morris on why we should not be complacent about the Muslim Brotherhood.

Barry Rubin uncovers how the Muslim Brotherhood is likely to destroy the peace agreement with Israel.

So will Israel be able to take back the Sinai? Somehow, while other countries can always rip up their agreements, Israeli concessions are one-way.