Sunday, February 20, 2011

Richard Falk loves anti-semitic conspiracy theories

It is really illuminating to read how Richard Falk responds to comments on his blog about his sickening diatribe against Jews and Judaism I posted about last month.

With one rare exception, no matter how outrageous the charge someone brings against Jews, he thanks them for their comments. He ignores or mostly ignores anyone who tries to actually bring facts to his attention.

The worst example came over the weekend, with this comment by "John" in response to the devastating - and mostly bypassed - comment by the reform Rabbi Ira Youdovin I mentioned:

John writes, in part:
The German and Zionist ideologues shared similar ideas with regard to blood and soil. They both came to share Nazi ideology with regard to lebensraum for their manufactured ethnic races.

During World War One, Zionists pursued their selfish interests by getting the war prolonged, to secure the Balfour Declaration by the British Government and to see Christian-Zionist General Allenby occupy former Ottoman Palestine.

The British Palestine Mandate provided the extremist Zionists with an opportunity to deposit and expand their settlements through the displacement of the pre-existing population of Palestinians, for whom their racist ideology cared nothing.

During World War Two, Zionists offered to fight alongside the Nazis against the British and their subsequent Russian and American allies.

In this, they shared similar sentiments with white supremacist Afrikaner nationalists in South Africa.

Where the Afrikaner apartheid regime in South Africa failed, the Zionist apartheid regime in Palestine has succeeded.
This is typical drivel one would expect to see on a neo-Nazi website. But look at how Falk responds:
Thanks, John, for this illuminating and persuasive commentary.

It isn't hard to see that Falk's ability to be objective when given information is non-existent - if the information makes Jews and Zionists into evil beings, Falk believes it uncritically; if they say the opposite, Falk ignores it.

(John goes on to defend his statement by cutting and pasting some supposed Zionist quotes from some anti-Zionist website. I don't have the time to research all of them, although I have once shown how one was very much out of context, but the idea that some Zionists had attempted to work with the Nazis to save millions of Jews from impending doom is well known. John twists these facts into making it sound like Zionists "collaborated" with Nazis. Of course, in the decade before the death camps, negotiating with the Nazis to save them was as debatable as negotiating with Hamas is now, yet Israel is still "collaborating" with Hamas to save a single Jew imprisoned in Gaza. John, bigot that he is, is trying to imply the exact opposite - that Zionists were working with Nazis to send Jews to their doom. Falk does not object to John's "facts.")

(h/t Silke)