Thursday, February 10, 2011

Report: Jewish woman gives birth in Ramallah hospital (updated)

Ma'an Arabic has a story (picked up by other media, including the PA's Ministry of Health) saying that a Jewish woman (last name Nasreen) was shopping in Ramallah with her husband and went into labor.

She refused to go to an Israeli hospital, and insisted to give birth at the local hospital instead.

The baby was premature, a boy weighing 2.3 kg.

Palestinian Arab plain-clothes police were in the delivery room.

It appears that Mrs. Nasreen is an Arabophile. She was born in Haifa  as she lives in the Israeli-Arab village of Sakhnin with her (presumably Arab) husband, which would explain how she could go shopping in Ramallah to begin with.

Not only that but she expressed her desire for the child to get Palestinian Arab citizenship.

As a result, her hospital stay was free and Mahmoud Abbas sent her a bouquet of flowers, as the PA tries to use this episode as an opportunity to show that they love Jews who happily embrace their second-class dhimmi status.

UPDATE: Aussie Dave notices that she had converted to Islam.