Sunday, February 06, 2011

PA rejects unilateral Israeli proposals

Netanyahu proposes several specific moves to help the PA and its citizens - and the PA rejects them.

From YNet:
Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat rejected on Saturday a series of economic incentives proposed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Quartet envoy Tony Blair.

During their meeting Friday, Netanyahu and Blair agreed on a new Israeli proposal aimed at easing economic and security restrictions imposed on Palestinians in the West Bank as part of the effort to bolster Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and convince the Palestinians to return to the negotiation table.

The proposal was presented as the committee of the Quartet – made up of the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia – prepared to meet in Munich, Germany. It reportedly includes expanding Arab construction in east Jerusalem and giving the Palestinian Authority security powers in seven West Bank cities.

Netanyahu also agreed to begin discussions on the development of a Palestinian Authority gas field adjacent to an Israeli gas field off the coast of Gaza. The PM said future revenues from the Palestinian field will go to the PA.

Erekat said the proposal "is just a trick and procrastination of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."

"What Netanyahu should do, if he wants to build confidence, is immediately stop settlement construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem and recognize a Palestinian state on the territories occupied in 1967,” the Palestinian news agency Ma'an quoted the chief negotiator as saying.
Once again, the "hawkish, right-wing" Israeli is the one making concrete suggestions for moving along the peace process - suggestions that could be worth missions of dollars - and the "moderate, flexible" PA is rejecting it.

And there's more:

Addressing the dramatic political developments in the Arab World, Erekat said "what is driving the region to violence and extremism is the continued occupation and Israeli insistence to maintain the settlement enterprise."
Why does anyone take this guy seriously anymore? Seriously!

The Palestinian Arab leaders are just babies who want all or nothing - and they complain when their enemies want to give them stuff for free that would help their own citizens. 

And the West will ignore this further evidence of Palestinian Arab intransigence as they always have, because it doesn't fit the meme.