Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My blog for sale: only $10 million

If the Huffington Post is worth $315 million, then how much is Elder of Ziyon worth?

In terms of unique readers, HuffPo gets about 250 times the number of readers I get (unique readers per month.) So purely from that perspective, my blog is proportionately worth about $1.2 million.

But in terms of number of substantive postings, my rough estimate is that HuffPo publishes about 20 times the number of posts I make. Which would make my blog worth about $15 million.

Then again, you don't have to read a lot of fluff pieces on my blog, and no articles trying to get you to worship me the way that Arianna uses her site to promote her personal cult. I also have far more scoops that HuffPo does. So my blog's value is probably on the high end of that continuum.

Not only that, but the demographics that read my blog are an advertiser's dream. My readers generally have gone to graduate school and are older with more disposable income. Any way you look at it, EoZ is worth a fortune.

But, for you, I've got such a bargain!

For only $10 million, I'll sell my blog to any major conglomerate that wants it. I'll stay on as Chairman of the EoZ Media Group, and I would have to be able to hire a young, smart, energetic staff to work for me so that I can expand the brand and maximize your profits.

Major corporations pay big bucks for content, and I am a content generating machine. Not only that, I'm not nearly as partisan as Arianna.

So if you want a great bargain in cyberspace, look no further.