Monday, February 21, 2011

Libya update (updated!)

Things are really getting out of control in Libya.

The latest reports:

  • Military jets are reported to be bombing or strafing protesters, killing perhaps 250 people or more. Two Libya pilots defected with their planes to Malta, refusing to bomb their own people. 
  • So far, seven Libyan ambassadors have quit their posts over the fighting.
  • There are reports of doctors getting killed in the hospitals, and of people being shot no matter where in the streets they are.
  • Earlier rumors that Muammar Gaddafi was fleeing to Venezuela have been denied by Venezualan authorities.
  • The justice minister, Mustapha Abdul Jalil, has joined the protesters and it trying to help them organize.
  • Some cities, especially in the east, are said to be held by the anti-government forces, and that reporters will be able to enter from Egypt.
  • Some reports say that Egypt is opening medical clinics at the border. Also reports that they are sending medical aid in.

And say what you want about Al Jazeera, but it is the best place to find up to the minute information.

UPDATE: Tweets are, predictably, blaming Israel. Some say that Israeli F-16 are bombing the protesters, some say that Libya is blaming Israel for the protests, and others say that "African Jews trained in Israel" are the mercenaries killing Libyans.

The sad part is that many idiots are believing it.