Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Jordan's king sacks government

From YNet:
After weeks of opposition protests demanding change, Jordan's King Abdullah II on Tuesday sacked his government and asked his former ex-military advisor Marouf Bakhit to form a new cabinet, an official said.

According to the palace, the king named Bakhit as prime minister with orders to carry out "true political reforms".

Bakhit's mission is to take practical, quick and tangible steps to launch true political reforms, enhance Jordan's democratic drive and ensure safe and decent living for all Jordanians."

King Abdullah's move came after thousands of Jordanians took to the streets –inspired by the regime ouster in Tunisia and the turmoil in Egypt – and called for the resignation of Prime Minister Samir Rifai who is blamed for a rise in fuel and food prices and slowed political reforms.
Ammon News adds:
Bakhit told Ammon News that he began consultations to form a new government, expressing that his focus is to fulfill the directives and aspirations of King Abdullah and the Jordanian people.

The New Prime Minister stated that it will take a few days to finalize his selection for the new cabinet.

In Ammon News' congratulations to the new Prime Minister, Bakhit replied "Say may God help me," and hinted that his government will be from "an older generation," and the interests of Jordan and Jordanians will be "our target."