Saturday, February 12, 2011

Iran says Hollywood most active section of Israel, US military

From Tehran Times:
Participants at the Iranian conference “Hollywoodism and Cinema” issued a statement at the end of the conference claiming that Hollywood, the most powerful international propaganda tool for Zionism, is facing decline.

Organizers of the Fajr International Film Festival, in collaboration with the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, arranged the two-day conference on February 5 and 6, by inviting a group of Iranian and foreign cineastes, writers and critics.

The attendees, coming from 20 countries, discussed the impact of Hollywood in the world of cinema, focusing on Hollywoodism, terrorism, the Pentagon, and the CIA. They issued a statement at the end of the program.

Hollywood is not just for entertainment or propaganda, but is the most active section of the U.S. and Israel military industry, reads part of the statement.

Hollywood not only tries to depict the image of the opposing countries and cultures, specifically Islam and Iran as threats, but also tries to eradicate justice and revolution.

Hollywood is trying to ruin spiritual values and is promoting materialism and its culture.

At the end of the session the participants stressed that Iran has the potential to become the center for all the world filmmakers to produce anti-Zionist productions.

They also asked Iran to help unite world great cineastes to make and produce better movies based on respect and peace.
I must admit I didn't know that Hollywood was on the IDF payroll.

I had mentioned this conference last month.

Here's a video from the conference from Iran's PressTV:

Don't you love how all the international female filmophiles were forced to cover their hair as they complained about the nefarious influence of Hollywood?

An earlier Tehran Times article quoted a French attendee as saying that "Hollywood producers also use the Holocaust to devastate the morals of human beings. They use this procedure to avoid having people ask any questions on the Holocaust. "