Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guess who Iran blames for demonstrations

Perhaps the most predictable "news" story ever, from Iran's FARS agency:
The Zionist regime and its hirelings inside Iran have clearly had a hand in the Monday afternoon frenzy in Tehran, an Iranian legislator underlined on Wednesday.

The seditions staged now and last year find their roots in materialistic thoughts and aspirations of the seditionists and the lead and backup of the Zionists, Shabib Jouyjari said in an open session of the parliament.

Another Iranian legislator had also earlier condemned the Monday riots, and said masterminds of the seditious plot - Mehdi Karroubi, Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Seyed Mohammad Khatami - have received financial support from the Zionists.

"The very aim of the seditionists is to overthrow the Islamic Republic, a goal which has received the financial and mental support of the Zionists," member of the parliament's Cultural Commission Fatemeh Rahbar told FNA on Tuesday.
I had no idea my mental support was so effective.