Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Amy Winehouse bombs in Dubai

From Al Arabiya:
Known for her powerful contralto vocals, the British singer Amy Winehouse left a throng of 10,000 fans disappointed after poor performance in one of her concerts in Dubai on Friday.

Winehouse not only mumbled through four or five sings, twirled her hair in cheekiness, but the songstress showed faux pas gestures such as picking her nails, nose and scratching her arms in disdain, all in front of her dozens of thousands of fans who paid at least $100 each for their tickets.

Winehouse left intermittently the stage to leave the burden on the backup singers to take over and entertain the crowd for the next few songs. Once back on stage, the nose and arms scratching and hair twisting continued and exacerbated with her avoiding eye contacts with the crowd and forgetting the lyrics to many of her major hits.
The video shows that the fans are correct; Winehouse looks distracted and bored as she phones in her performance.

If Dubai bans her from entering the country again, it isn't because of anti-semitism.