Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Afternoon linkdump

True Israel runs down the anti-peace treaty statements from Egypt's army and opposition.

The Washington Post (via YNet) says that Stuxnet did not slow down the Iranian nuclear program as much as we had been hearing.

Saeb Erekat blames the World Zionist Organization for helping force him out of a job. Wow...can we get Abbas to resign next?

Saudi Arabia withdrew extremist books from its schools - including books written by the founder of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.

A Gaza journalist was "summoned for questioning" by Hamas, which means that he'll behave like a good boy from now on.

IsraeliGirl shows how you can support the Israel Philharmonic in a scheduled performance in New York's Carnegie Hall that will be protested by the usual bunch of Israel-hating drones.

The New York Post is reporting that CBS reporter Lara Logan was sexually abused and seriously injured in Cairo bya "pro-democracy" crowd who called her a Jew.

Iran is calling on a pro-government, anti-protester protest for Friday. The Iranian media has all but ignored the anti-government protests earlier this week.

An Israeli company is making a splash in the soda world.