Thursday, January 20, 2011

When political correctness turns into the A-word (updated)

Jonathan Kay of Canada's National Post this weekattended a panel discussion entitled “Exposing Israeli Apartheid and the Violation of Palestinian Rights: A public forum on the second anniversary of the Gaza massacre.”

It is a great article, one that effectively shows what these fanatic Israel haters are all about.

He notes
Perhaps more interesting than the speakers themselves was the crowd — which was disproportionately female, almost entirely white, and (by my casual observation of whose arm was wrapped around whom) heavily populated by lesbians.

This was not entirely surprising to me: Anti-Israeli activism has attained a sort of cult following among Toronto gay activists, who otherwise would be twiddling their activists thumbs in a country where gay marriage is legal and uncontroversial.
From which will now segue to the end of his terrific article:
The most bizarre part of last night’s meeting was when the moderator announced that in the Q&A session, she would be enforcing an “equity policy” in her selection of who was permitted to ask questions — with preference given to women, visible minorities and gays (which was kind of ironic given the composition of the room). Sure enough, when the Q&A began, a white man aged about 60 was first to the microphone. But the moderator made a great show of instead picking a black man sitting in one of the back rows and asked him to come to the mic. So we all waited while this affirmative action pick ambled over to the microphone to toss Peto a softball “question” about how she had “inspired” other academics.

Then a woman said she wanted to ask a question, and the mortifying process was repeated. Finally, the man at the mic — who had been patient thus far — shouted out “Am I invisible?” Even some members of the crowd declared “Let him speak!” and the moderator looked unsure of what to do — before (naturally!) threatening the man with expulsion from the room for his impudence. (Eventually, he was allowed to ask his question.)

The fact that this man had to wait there at the mic, merely because of the colour of the skin, while others got to speak before him — why it reminded me of that thing they once had in South Africa … Apar… Aparth …

What’s that word I’m looking for?
(h/t Challah Hu Akbar, who is easily the best new pro-Israel blogger around.)

UPDATE: Joel comments:

I wonder if the attenders know these facts about Israel:
1. Gays were accepted in the Israeli army BEFORE they were accepted in the US army.
2. There was even an Israeli film about gays in the army called "Yossi And Jagger" that was a huge hit over here.
3. Israel is the only country that had a lesbian on the Dancing With Stars show 
4. Israel was the only country who had a transsexual represent it in the Eurovision.