Thursday, January 27, 2011

Video of Arabs and leftists trying to provoke settlers

Today, near Susia, some Arabs brought their sheep over to graze in a field that belongs to Jews. They also brought along some anti-Israel activists, equipped with a video camera.

When the Jews asked them what was going on, the Arab women started to push the Jews. They targeted one Jew who was holding a stick, clearly hoping he would use it as a weapon. He didn't.

The Arabs were trying very hard to get the Jews to turn violent, but the Jews didn't even raise their voices.

And the leftists were videoing the entire incident.

Finally, frustrated, two Arabs threw stones directly at the Jews. One was injured.

When the police showed up, they arrested - the Jews!

But, luckily, the Jews also had a video camera as well and showed the police what really happened.

This was not the first time that this community was provoked to create an incident that the anti-Israel activists would use to prove that Jewish "settlers" are violent.

Here's the story in Hebrew, and the video.

(h/t O)