Thursday, January 20, 2011

A typical Iranian speech, blaming Zionists for EVERYTHING

This sort of article is literally a daily occurrence in Iran's English language media:
Zionists' footprints seen in Islamic world mishaps: IRI Parliament Speaker

IRI Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said here Wednesday Zionists' footprints are clearly seen in many of the Islamic world crises.

Iranian Parliament Speaker, Larijani, made the comment during his meeting with the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran's representatives in UAE, referring to the recent developments in Tunisia, Palestine and Lebanon, reiterating, 'Surveying the developments in those countries, signs of the international intriguing factors and opportunist elements are seen very easily.'

His logic for the Tunisian case is simply brilliant:

Larijani meanwhile focusing on the people's uprising in Tunisia, reiterated, 'Some western countries, such as the United States, were opportunistically trying to ride the wave an to impose an alternative plan to the Tunisians, but working out of such plots is far from the realities, as the west is too deceitful to be successful in such scenes.'

The parliament speaker elsewhere in his comments found similarities between the recent developments in Tunisia with a long tale behind which a Zionist-US-British scenario was laid.
But then later he said...
On the recent collapse of the Tunisian government, Larijani said that the United States and some other Western countries opportunistically shifted their policy and withdrew support for their former ally (Zine El Abidine Ben Ali) to pretend they are supporters of the Tunisian nation.
Of course the two accounts in the same speech pretty much contradict each other, but why should that matter?